Algae Free Guarantee

Algae Free Guarantee

Visit PoolCo, ask how to qualify for our Algae Free Guarantee.

If you follow our program and your pool develops algae, PoolCo will troubleshoot the chemical problem and give you the algae killing chemicals for free that we feel are needed to clear your pool.

Algae clearing chemicals included in our program are shock and algaecide products of our choice that we feel will eliminate your algae.

Any other chemicals needed to balance the water (which should already be balanced according to our plans) or to help eliminate any non-algae problems such as mineral or pollen problems, etc. will be the sole responsibility of you, the consumer.

For the GUARANTEE to work, your pool must test in the proper sanitizer range and the pool must be balanced. Otherwise, we know that problems will develop.

If the pool tests properly and you have algae after following one of our algae-free plans, we will give you the chemicals to kill the algae.

Your pool will remain FREE FROM ALGAE, if you follow one of our easy BioGuard chemical programs.

  1. Follow a BioGuard Pool Care Program
  2. Run the pump and filter at least 10 hours a day
  3. Have your water tested every 4- 6 weeks
  4. Keep BioGuard Optimizer Plus at 30- 50 ppm

PoolCo cannot be responsible for:

  • Algae present upon opening the pool or any algae problems present before starting one of our programs or algae due to the discontinuation of one of our programs.
  • Inadequate filtration – we recommend that you run your filter a minimum of 12 hrs per day.
  • Dirty filters – backwash and clean your filter as needed to maintain proper flow.
  • Improper maintenance – empty baskets regularly to maintain proper flow, vacuum and brush pool walls?? as needed.
  • Improper water balance – the key base to all plans is a balanced pool so that other chemicals work effectively and for swimming comfort and equipment care. This includes pool water displacement from rain during periods of heavy and continued days of rainfall and water displacement frequent topping off of pool water from your garden hose during periods of drought. Generally speaking, bring your pool water in for testing and rebalance if more than 12 inches of new rain or fill water has been added to the pool in less than a week.

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