Round or Oval

Round or Oval?

Bigger can cost a lot less than you think!

What height of pool do you want: 48″ or 52″ or 54″ tall wall?

What size pool and shape best fits your backyard and your family?

The wall color and pattern may or may not be an important to you. If you plan to add decking around the pool, you will be covering much of the decorative wall pattern. You might consider allocating more dollars towards a decorative, quality liner and less towards what the pool looks like. (Most pool walls are neutral grey or beige.)

Choose a pool with a SOLID warranty.

Pools can last for years if you choose the right one. Models which offer 100% warranty’s for the first two or three years and then have a long pro-rated warranty period generally are the better pools.

Consider the reputation of the pool retailer offering the warranty.

Choose a pool retailer with an outstanding reputation for helping you with any warranty claims.

The 24′ & 30′ diameter round pools are the most popular sizes with our customers.


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