Selecting a Pool Site

Selecting a Pool Site

Ready for an above ground pool? Choose a Great Location! Finding a great location for your new pool is easy when you use the checklist as your guide. We can help you decide!
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PoolCo’s professional installers will be happy to build an above ground pool on your property. We have 34 years of experience in the sales AND most importantly, the construction of above ground pools. We are the only above ground pool retailer in southern Illinois that believes how the pool is installed is as important as how the pool was manufactured.

Pre-Purchase Checklist

City Codes and Permits 
  • Find out if you need building permits.Call or visit your local city clerk to check your city’s building codes and fencing requirements.
Choose Firm Ground
  • Avoid freshly (less than one year) filled areas of your yard as settling can occur. If the pool must be located where stumps, concrete, play equipment, sheds, etc have been removed recently you will need to compact these spots to make them firm.
Marking the Site
  • Place a stake where you would like the center of the pool. Paint a circle using the radius of the pool.
Determine Slope of Yard
  • Find the highest and the lowest points in the circle that you marked to represent the area of the pool. Determine the height difference with 2 stakes, string and a level. This will give you a general idea of how much dirt will need to be removed.
Location of Utilities
  • Call J.U.L.I.E.  1-800-892-0123 to find underground lines.This is free service of marking underground lines so there are no nasty surprises when the excavation starts. Usually only require a few days notice. J.U.L.I.E online
  • Do not install your pool over a septic tank or underground utilities or overhead power lines.
  • Select a location that does not collect water. Water should drain AWAY from the pool. Correct or change drainage issues BEFORE installing the pool.
Trees, Tree Stumps and Tree Roots
  • Avoid locating the pool near trees existing AND removed. Shade, bird droppings, and falling leaves from growing trees are undesirable.
  • Roots from growing, dead or removed trees can be very labor intensive to remove for our installation crew.
  • Obviously, tree trunks need to be removed before the construction of your pool.
Rocks, Nut Grass, Moles and Crawdads
  • Check with us on our fantastic solutions to avoiding damage to your pool and liner that are may be unavoidable on your site.
  • With our expert advice, some locations (usually rural areas) can avoid damage caused by moles and crawdads, that burrow under your new pool.
Location of Filtration System and Electrical Outlet
  • Keep the filter accessible, close to the pool and lower than the water level.
  • AFTER the pool is constructed, arrange to have a licensed electrician install a GFCI 110v outlet within 3 feet of the pump.
  • DO NOT run the pump off of any electric extension cord. This is NOT safe and will shorten the life of the pump quickly.
Access to Construction Site

  • Find the best entry point and path for our heavy equipment to your pool construction site.
  • PoolCo’s installation crew will excavate using a Bobcat skid loader. Our employees need a clearance of 10 feet to get into the yard and cannot go over sidewalks or driveways or onto neighboring property.
  • We are careful to not damage your yard. However, because excavation equipment is very heavy, please be aware that leaving ruts in your yard maybe unavoidable and is to be expected.
Back Filling of Dirt
  • PoolCo uses a few inches of dirt to cover the bottom rails and plate. This creates a temporary barrier to prevent rain water from eroding your pool’s base. Additional back filling may be necessary depending on how rain water flows from your house, yard and neighboring yards.
Location of Any Extra Dirt
  • (For leveling over 6 to 12 inches) We leave dirt piled neatly on your property. Think about where you would like it placed, but realize we cannot move it too far.
Additional Back Filling and Drainage
  • Choose to have us do this OR save and do the job yourself.
  • After the pool has completely filled, any additional back filling and grading of dirt can and MUST be completed.
  • DO NOT use gravel for this process!
Storage of Pool Chemicals and Maintenance Equipment
  • Taking care of the pool is easy, when you consider how you will establish your weekly 10 to 15 minute routine. Keep everything in a place that is safe, secure and away from children and pets but still nearby the pool.
Access to Water
  • Unless you have well water, you will most likely fill your pool from a garden hose the first time. During the swimming season you will need to add water several times.

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