Looking for a pool like yesterday?!? With all of the delays and shortages in manufacturing and freight ordering anything from anywhere can be a struggle. That’s why here at Pool Co in Carbondale we work directly with the top pool manufacturers to order in bulk and order early so that we always have inventory in stock and ready to go plus we save a bit so that you can save a bit. Now we can’t turn back time but we can usually have a pool ready for pick up within 24 hours, installation times vary throughout the season but range anywhere from 2 weeks to 8 weeks. Below is a list of the pools we currently have in stock on our property. If you don’t see what you are looking for we can order just about any size, shape or model to arrive in 6-8 weeks or less.

Call or text 618-529-3200 to confirm as inventory does change quickly!





1 – 15′ X 52″ Apero

1 -18′ x 52″ Apero

18′ x 52″ Madera Black

1- 18′ X 52″ Whitewood

1- 21′ x 52″ Apero

1-24′ x 52″ Madera Black

1-24′ x 52″ Whitewood

1- 27′ x 48″ Reprieve

1- 27′ x 52″ Apero

1-27′ x 52″ Madera Brown

1- 30′ x 52″ Madera Brown

PENDING- 1- 30′ x 52″ Whitewood

1- 30′ x 52″ Reprieve

1- 15′ x 30′ x 52″ Whitewood






1- 18′ x 54″ Lava

2- 18′ X 54″ Montana

1- 18′ x 54″ Navigator







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