Avoid This Costly Mistake

Avoid This Costly Mistake

Who installs your pool should be the most important consideration in choosing your above ground pool.

Saying you’re the best is easy. Being the best takes effort.

Our 41 years of being in business proves our dedication to southern Illinois pool owners.



PoolCo has had 2 businesses:
Our retail business and our construction business.

Maintaining installation equipment and retaining a professional construction crew requires considerable effort and coordination. We would never consider any other option, because our results are superior to any installation by “hit or miss” subcontractors.

You do get what you pay for! What you get from PoolCo is a promise made AND a promise kept.

Controlling the quality of work ensures your satisfaction.

Word of mouth is the best business, so our customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority.

  • We decided 41 years ago that proper installation of the pool is equally as important as what the pool is made from.
  • We have never consider subcontracting any installation because we are too “busy” and we would never sell you a pool and not install it for weeks or even months beyond what was promised.
  • We would certainly never leave an installation unfinished.
  • We train and prepare our installation staff for weeks and many of them have been with us for several seasons. Our in-store sales staff is well prepared to help you plan for any and everything involved in the construction of your pool.
  • You will sometimes see the guys who installed your pool also assisting you in our retail store.
  • We follow up every installation with a phone call, so you can share your comments with us. We hold our crew accountable for their performance installing your pool, just as you hold us accountable for the quality of your pool and pool installation. Your satisfaction is of upmost importance to us.

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