Why Aluminum?

Why Aluminum?

Select a pool made from extruded aluminum.


All components are made from aluminum that will not rust or corrode like steel. After extrusion, all aluminum panels are powder coated with a beautiful enamel that adds a high gloss luster to its finish as well as further protecting the aluminum from corrosion. From the bottom rails that contact the ground to the rugged top seat, your above ground pool is impervious to rust and corrosion.

The components are powder coated to insure a beautiful finish that will last for many seasons.

Unlike a galvanized steel pool, the winter cover will not scratch the finish off the top seats of a Swim’n Play extruded aluminum pool.

Extruded Aluminum Pools

  • Maintenance Free – Avoid Ugly Rust! Looks new for many years to come. 
  • Durable – Super strong! Holds up to the heaviest guys and the rowdiest kids. 
  • Safe – No slipping on slick steel top ledges!

A Longer Lasting Pool!

  • Swim ‘n Play Aluminum walls are painted on both sides to form a barrier between the aluminum and any corrosive material.
  • This ensures a longer lasting pool!
  • Aluminum looks like new, year after year. 
  • The powder-coat finish is so beautiful & durable. 
  • No re-painting is required!

Peace of mind. You won’t regret spending a bit more, when your pool still looks like new year after year.


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